Election Timeline

  • Sept 12 – Call for Nominations at GBTA WI meeting (forms on tables and on website)
  • Sept 18 – Reminder sent out
  • Sept 26 – Nominations due
  • Sept 28 – Nominees are notified
  • Oct 10 – Nominees must respond if accepting nominations and provide bios
  • Oct 17 – Special Election Newsletter send out to GBTA WI members and posting of bios on GBTA WI website
  • Nov 9 – Absentee ballots due
  • Nov 14 – Election to take place at meeting at Westin


Nominations are in! To view the list of Board of Directors candidates, click here. 

If you are unable to attend the November Meeting, please vote by downloading the absentee ballot and emailing to Elizabeth Dressel Elizabeth.Dressel@us.qbe.com no later then November 9th, 2018.

Note: Voting is limited to current GBTA-WI members.

To register to attend the November meeting, click here.


Position Descriptions


Executive Vice President



Direct Director

Allied Director

VP Education

VP Membership